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  The representative came to my door in my secured building that has a no soliciting sign really big directly next to the door apparently he came in behind one of the residence and was able to make his way through my building going door to door. When he came to my door I was literally told that he was from AEP and that he had been alerted by my smart meter that I had changed my service provider and had selected someone out of state That was actually increasing my bill he had another gentleman with him it was wearing construction like clothing and also hat on a reflective construction vest I was told that was the gentleman that was updating my smart meter and that again they were both from AEP so during this false conversation and me being under the impression that the gentleman was AEP I signed paperwork to get this out of state supplier off of my billing and just go back to AEP get my next Bill and Notice I am with yet another supplier! I DT energy! I am livid they havent saved me any money at all in fact my bill is even higher than what it used to be my normal monthly electric bill used to be $70 a month and now its $160 per month! I am calling the public utilities commission and reporting this company as well as the representative that came to my door for falsely advertising their service leading me to believe that they were AEP not IDT energy!!! The door to door reps are liars and Misleading so they can STEAL MY MONEY!! Well, I am NOT going to be laying that portion of my bill and per the REAL AEP, those charges will go right back to that supplier. PEOPLE BEWARE! IDT ENERGY IS A SCAM AND IF YOU GET SOMEONE AT YOUR DOOR MAKING PROMISES REGARDING COST, dont believe anything they tell you because NONE OF IT IS TRUE!

January 25th, 2020

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